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The Healthy Living Stack is a favorite among many. It takes the guesswork out of deciding what supplements you should try if you want to live a healthier lifestyle, no matter your fitness level.

Daily DetoxX2 helps your body naturally "eliminate" the bad buildup in your gut, so that your natural digestion process and be more effective. Yes it will help you poop (not in an uncontrollable way), but it can also eliminate bloat. 

Did you know there are 28 different types of Collagen found in the human body? Most popular collagen supplements only focus on 1 type, but with Collagen+ you get the top 5 collagen types that focus on what we all want help with; skin, hair, nails, eyes, and joint health. Plus more and all in easy to swallow pill form.

Between our Ultra Multi Vitamin+, SuperFood Greens+ and Vegan Protein, you will get the vitamins, amino acids, super fruits, super foods, protein, immune support, focus boost and overall health boost you have been looking for.  

As always, supplements will give you an edge, but your ultimate success will be determined in your diet and exercise routines. Drink water, eat clean, and exercise often to see and feel the best results. Enjoy!


Products Included in this Stack

1. Ultra Multivitamin+

2. Daily DetoxX2

3. Collagen+

4. Organic SuperFood Greens+

5. Vegan Protein Chocolate