Why consider NaturALL Living?

Posted by David Maus on

Hi there! 

My name is David Maus "Jr". Here is a little about me and my journey.

I am gratefully saved by my Lord Jesus Christ, husband (since 2010) to the absolute love of my life, a father of four amazing kids, the VP of Maus Family Automotive, action sports enthusiast, and the creator of Naturall Living. 

I originally started Naturall Living for one selfish reason, to save myself money on supplements. From the time I was 14 (I know, way too young to be taking supplements), until now I have been consumed with supplements that support health, fitness and living a fun and active life. I grew up in and around the car business, notoriously a high energy, fast paced business all around so it just came natural to me to try different supplements, typically from GNC. We all did. 

I started to think about all the money me, my friends and my family spent on supplements every month. The amount was nauseating. Sure, we knew getting our nutrition from actual food would be overall better, but that was even harder than we imagined as well. Feeding 6 people (in my house) organic, all natural, hearty foods equated to basically another mortgage. We eat as clean as possible without breaking the bank but supplemented what we couldn't get daily from our meals.

  • Think about it; a different daily multivitamin for me and my wife, multiple protein powders and meal replacements, pre workout drinks or all sorts, the occasional fat burners, energy supplements and energy drinks (plus coffee), probiotics, collagen of all types, omega oils, etc. etc. The amount of supplements on the market is actually mind numbing. So, I decided to do something about it. 

I decided to take a good look in my supplement cabinet and figure out the ingredients of the stuff I actually liked and took daily. Then I went down the rabbit hole of finding the right team that can help me make my own supplements for myself, literally for myself (at first I had no intentions of launching a company for the public). After all that work, about 8 months of it actually, Naturall Living was launched!

(Some of my friends asked my why I named it Naturall Living, well its a funny story. No, its not because all of the supplements I take or have came up with are 100% natural or organic, actually the name comes from a funny inside joke between me, my dad and our inner circle of health nuts in the car business.

Typically if you think of a car salesman, you think of someone a little overweight, well that's not my dad. He has always been one of the few in the car business in excellent shape, and one who was "all natural". So when people ask what he was on, he would say "all natural." So, I wanted to play off that since supplementing my active life in the car business was why I started this company in the first place, that and the domain Naturallliving.com was for sale.)   :)

Once I got the basics created, approved and launched, I went through my favorite protein, then pre workout drinks, recovery supplements, etc. My goal was to replace all the supplements in my supplement cabinet to have the Naturall Living label. Now as of writing I have almost all of my personal daily supplements created, approved and live on NaturallLiving.com available to sell to my friends, family and the public. Actually if you have read this far, here is my personal discount code I give to my friends and family. Use "MAUS20" at checkout to save 20%, and use as many times as you like. My gift to you.

At the end of the day, everything on this site was created to supplement the supplements I was supplementing. I actually take this stuff and love it. I hope you do too!

God bless and thank you for considering Naturall Living.