Take the "No Way" November Challenge with us!

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“No Way” November Challenge
All of November, 30 Total Days
The “No-Way” November Challenge may seem fun and easy, but it will make 99% say “No Freaking Way!”
These simple daily and weekly tasks won’t take much time, but will create new habits that you will find satisfy and change your life for the better! For 30 days, you will get up and trigger your body’s natural instincts to reset your circadian rhythms, and help with sleep, mental clarity and recovery. There will be no “rest days”. Every single day, find yourself sweating for a minimum of 30 minutes, even if it’s in a hot sauna or a walk in the sun. Intermittent fasting is one of life’s greatest hacks towards fat burning, mitochondrial recovery and autophagy, and it’s much easier than you think, so do it. The hardest part of this will be eating with zero seed/vegetable oils and refined carbs and sugar. You can eat as much natural, organic, and wholesome foods you want but if the ingredients have any seed oils or refined carbs, it’s a no go and that goes for alcohol and tobacco as well. The toughest challenge is to get really uncomfortably cold. Highly recommend getting into a cold plunge or ice bath of 50 degree or less for a minimum of 2-3 minutes. If you can’t find a way to do it, take a cold shower. Don’t end with it hot, always end cold. No for the challenge behind closed doors, kick a bad habit that you don't talk about. It can be cussing, looking at disturbing videos or images, spending, scrolling or whatever, just kick it. This seems easy, but it will suck. Stick it out, even when you want to say “No-Way” and Enjoy!
:10 Minutes of Morning Light + Grounding, daily
- Get outside with minimal clothes on and get early morning sunlight on your skin and in your eyes
- Be barefoot on the Earth: Grass, dirt, woods, soil, lake
:30 Minutes of Sweaty Work, daily
- Work out to point of sweat
- Sauna for :30 minutes
- :30 minute walk, jog, run or sprint work
- Work on a project that causes you to sweat, outside
- At the end of your workout, do 30 reps of any ab exercise
Do a 16, 24 or 36 Hour Fast, once per week
- Fast with only water, black coffee, ACV and electrolytes
Zero Seed Oils, Alcohol, Tobacco and Refined Carbs for 30 days
- For most, this will be the toughest. But you can do it.
- Plan your meals, make your own food, or politely ask restaurants to prepare your food without seed oils of any kind and only use real butter.
- No breads, rice, corn or grains, and minimal refined sugars, with a goal of zero
Get Cold, three days per week
- Take a cold shower, jump in a cold lake or body of water, or get into a Cold Plunge or Ice Bath for a minimum of 2-3 minutes.
Kick 1 Secret Bad Habit for 30 Days
- Everyone has a bad habit they don’t want people to know about, so kick yours.
- It can be cussing, porn, mindlessly scrolling social media, yelling, unnecessary spending, etc.
- Whatever it is, stop it completely for 30 days.
Taking the "No-Way" November Challenge? Let the people know!
Post about it and use the hashtag #NoWayNovember
Lets change the world for just one person, and that one person is you.
Need a shopping list to help rid the bad stuff from your life, we got you. 
This should help get you started:
Shopping List
To Replace your Daily Meals and Prep
“Organic” everything, whenever possible
Fruits, of any kind
Raw Honey
Grass-Fed Butter, Ghee or Tallow
Raw or Organic Whole Milk
Grass fed Beef, Wild Caught Fish, Organic Eggs
Redmond Real Salt
For Fasting Day
Re-Lyte (Unflavored) Electrolyte Mix
Organic Black Coffee
Natural Spring Water of any kind
Organic Apple Cider Vinegar